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Up to date and working firmware for RNS-E SDS / . Apr 30, 2020  . Relatives of Rehman Malik said he is in Karachi for treatment of his kidney stone. (Representational) A "very courageous" journalist, who reported extensively on security issues from Pakistan, has been killed by his own family after he exposed government corruption, a senior journalist said. Mushtaq Soomro, a senior editor at, was gunned down outside his home in Karachi on Sunday evening. His relatives said he was attacked by armed men riding on a motorcycle after they saw him taking his afternoon stroll. "Mushtaq was a well-known journalist and writer. He had reported extensively on government corruption," said Ayesha Siddiqa, a senior journalist and director of centre for south Asian studies at Durham University. He was one of several journalists attacked by armed men who had often targeted people who reported on alleged government corruption, Ms Siddiqa said. "His killing was not surprising. His legacy as a journalist will be remembered by his extensive reporting on cases of corruption," Ms Siddiqa said. Relatives of the reporter said he was in Karachi for treatment of his kidney stone. Mr Soomro, an engineer by profession, had a vast knowledge of the national, provincial and regional politics and had written extensively on various subjects, said the report published in Dawn by the Centre for South Asian Studies. He had also reported on the Pakistan-Indian partition, the military regime of former military ruler Pervez Musharraf and several other sensitive issues, the report said. Mr Soomro's career took a "sudden turn" when he wrote a series of articles on alleged government corruption in 2011. He was targeted when he investigated the cases of government corruption being investigated by an investigative body called the Joint Investigative Team. He wrote several articles about the JIT probe, which led to the arrest of several powerful people. In one of his columns, Mr Soomro wrote: "The JIT was established by the Supreme Court to investigate cases of corruption, bribery, money laundering and misuse of power by politicians and senior government officials in the country". "The Joint Investigation Team was formed by the Supreme Court in November last year to investigate the cases of corruption and misuse of power in Pakistan," he wrote in one of his columns




{RNS-E SW0660}

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